International scientific board

Regulations on International Scientific Board of KSMU # SMK PSP 95-01-15 from 30.10.2015

  • •      is a peer advisory board created for the purpose of providing counsel in the field of scientific research, educational, international affairs, innovative, clinical and other activities of Kazan SMU
  • •      Structure of the Board – top-level scientists, clinicians, leaders in field of international medical education
  • •      Accumulation of the best international experience for achievement of KSMU strategic goals
  • •      Similar experiences in other universities:
  • •      Russian Universities: Kazan Federal University (13 Board Members), The National University of Science and Technology MISiS (12 Board Members)
  • •      International Universities: International Advisory Boards are established in many international universities

Objectives of ISB of KSMU:

  • •      Extension of cooperation of Kazan SMU with international scientific and educational institutions as well as clinical medical centers in the field of scientific research and innovations;
  • •      Enhancement of the prestige and improvement of Kazan SMU ranking in the international academic/scientific and educational environment;
  • •      Attraction of highly qualified lecturers, scientists, clinicians, and best students to Kazan SMU

Activities of ISB of KSMU:

  • •      Providing platform for/International expert review of scientific, innovative, educational projects at Kazan SMU;
  • •      Providing counseling in field of design and implementation of development
  • •      strategy/strategic plan in scientific research and other activities of Kazan SMU;
  • •      Developing recommendations regarding increasing of national and international competitiveness of Kazan SMU;
  • •      Providing counseling and assistance in major scientific innovative and educational projects of Kazan SMU elaboration and implementation;
  • •      Strengthening of current collaborations and building new partnership with Russian and international institutions;
  • •      Assistance in increasing of scientific and academic publishing growth rate of faculty members and students at Kazan SMU.